Below is a general list of services and the person to contact for each. This is not all-inclusive, and members are welcome to contact any staff member who can direct them to the right person if they are unable to assist.

Jeanette Workman


Assist with questions relating to governing documents, contracts with vendors, program structure, and services

  • 916-244-1110

Joan Phillips


Board member changes, FPPCs, agendas, minutes, meeting attendance/nonvoting delegates

  • 916-244-1172

Katie O'Brien

Finance Manager/Assistant Treasurer

Assist w/ CSJVRMA finances including budget, invoices, retrospective adjustments, and member pool investments

  • 916-244-1192

Melissa McDonald

Litigation Manager

Assist with liability matters - contact AIMS for specific claims and if filing a claim

  • 916-606-6778

Tom Kline

Risk Control Manager

Assist with safety and risk control, non-registration questions about regional workshops/forums

  • 916-244-1121

Claudio Aravena

Training Coordinator

Assist with registration for regional workshops/forums/safety videos/maintains Sedgwick Risk Control website

  • 916-290-4626

Tammy Vitali

Workers' Compensation Program Manager

Assist with questions regarding workers' compensation - contact AIMS for specific claims and if filing a claim

  • 916-244-1114

Sarah Centeno

Structured Return to Work Coordinator

Assist with structured return to work services

  • 916-244-1142