Safety Awards

Encouraging employees to bring forward safety suggestions enhances the opportunity for the City to benefit from those suggestions and to provide improved services and safety to the public. Participants may receive recognition for:

– Identifying hazards and developing solutions to improve the workplace
– Developing solutions to prevent close calls or accidents from happening again
– Submitting ideas to improve safety programs that are implemented

 2016/17 Safety Award Nomination Form

2017 Safety Award Winners and Management

Robert Phipps, City of Clovis, Public Utilities Department

Developed a manhole lid puller to reduce employee injuries from pulling heavy manhole lids. This tool is conveniently stored on the service truck so employees will use it regularly.

David Huff, City of Madera, Parks and Community Service

Created an Incident/ Accident Report then retrained all full-time staff in incident/ accident workflow. This training resulted in prompt incident/ accident reporting and efficient gathering of vital information. The more timely and accurate incident/ accident data is then used to prevent future incidents/ accidents.

Brian White, City of Turlock, Fire Department

The City needed additional Designated Infection Officer (DICO) trained staff. The DICO class is expensive so the City partnered with the local community college and the Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC) to host this class in Turlock an to invite other CSJVRMA cities to participate.