2020 Safety Awards

The CSJVRMA promotes a positive safety culture by acknowledging and rewarding employees of member cities who take an active role in their city’s safety program by:

– Identifying hazards and developing solutions to improve the workplace
– Developing solutions to prevent close calls or accidents from happening again
– Submitting ideas to improve safety programs that are implemented

2019/20 Safety Award Nomination Form

City of Tehachapi

Department:  Public Works

Mr. Tyler Napier, Mr. David Carvalho, and Mr. Dale Hamon (not photographed) collectively developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for confined space entry.  Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was purchased for the safety entry of confined spaces but no method existed for the safety and organization of storage for the equipment and PPE.

The team purchased an enclosed trailer and built custom storage racks inside for proper storage of the equipment and PPE. The result is a confirmed space trailer with everything needed for a confined space entry and the trailer is easily deployed when needed.



Tyler Napier                                                      David Carvalho