2018 Safety Awards

Encouraging employees to bring forward safety suggestions enhances the opportunity for the City to benefit from those suggestions and to provide improved services and safety to the public. Participants may receive recognition for:

– Identifying hazards and developing solutions to improve the workplace
– Developing solutions to prevent close calls or accidents from happening again
– Submitting ideas to improve safety programs that are implemented

 2017/18 Safety Award Nomination Form

City of Madera

Department:  Parks and Community Services

Mr. Miguel Palacios – tasked with mowing the City parks grass consisting
of over 100 acres, Mr. Palacios observed many situations involving
broken water mains and playground equipment. As part of the
department’s Hazard Recognition Program contained in their
department’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Mr. Palacios
identified and eliminated the hazards of the broken equipment and
exposed wires ensuring no injuries.

Hector Sanchez, Manager | Miguel Palacios, Award Recipient

President Hannah Chung | Miguel Palacios

Eugene Haynes | Human Resources/Risk Manager

City of Oakdale

Department:  Human Resources

Mr. Patrick Mondragon – An unexpected health scare in April of 2017 by
one of the employees grabbed his attention and made him think about
how many employees continuously are on the go, get little time to eat
(which usually results in fast food lunches) and often do not exercise
outside of work.  As a result, a city-wide “Fitness Fair” and a 30-Day
Fitness Challenge was implemented. Employees developed better-eating
habits and lifestyle changes. One employee lost 22 pounds and continued
on his diet plan and has since lost 51 pounds.

Patrick Mondragon, Award Recipient | Bryan Whitemyer, Manager |
Brad Clinkenbeard Weight Loss Winner

Brad Clinkenbeard, Weight Loss Winner (total loss of 51 pounds)

President Hannah Chung | Patrick Mondragon |
Brad Clinkenbeard | Bryan Whitemyer

City of Reedley

Department:  Safety Committee

Ms. Tiffany Couto – In conjunction with Mr. Paul Melikian, they addressed
the City’s need to update the IIPP which had not been updated or reviewed
since 2010 and almost no one in the organization knew that it existed or its
purpose.  With the help of Bickmore staff, the result is a program that has
buy-in from all departments because they were all involved in the
development. The City now has a “living, breathing” safety program
through its dedicated members of the Safety Committee.

Tiffany Couto, Award Recipient | Paul Melikian, Manager

Paul Melikian

President Hannah Chung | Tiffany Couto | Paul Melikian

City of Turlock

Department:  Municipal Services

Ms. Toni Cordell – Instrumental in the development of several safety-
related programs during her tenure, Ms. Cordell is a treasured, valuable
member of the City of Turlock. Without Ms. Cordell’s continued support,
participation, ideas, and follow through, the City’s Safety Committee would
not be as successful as it is in creating a safer work environment, identifying
avoidable injuries, reducing preventable injuries and developing new
safety-related programs for all City of Turlock staff.

Toni Cordell, Award Recipient | Michael Cooke, Manager

President Hannah Chung | Toni Cordell | Michael Cooke | Bob Lawton

President Hannah Chung | Michael Cooke | Toni Cordell | Bob Lawton